DOMAINE LIGAS, Pella, Greece


Since ancient times, the region of Pella situated in northern Greece, was associated with wine making and described as ” the mother of wine, where vines abound”. The god of wine, wreathed in vine leaves in these extraordinary mosaics, seems to have found fertile, hallowed ground here in Pella. The region has always been host to great vineyard with a long tradition. It was here that the tragic poet Euripides wrote and staged his last play, Bacchae.

Having studied oenology in France, Thomas Ligas began, in 1985, to study the local ecosystems, exploring viticulture and vinification, and seeking to accentuate the distinctive qualities of this terroir.

“The gentle slopes of Pella enjoy bountiful sun and air. Our vines draw strength from the loamy sand, limey and well-drained soil, which we keep fluffy and rested, preserving the natural turf. Producing nourishing natural ingredients, the vibrant microcosm that grows in harmonious equilibrium in the soil requires the vine for a balanced development.

This natural approach to viticulture, which goes beyond organic farming, preserves the typical original characteristics of the grape intact as determined by the vineyard.

Our intervention goes hand in hand with natural growth, without imposition, and aims to safeguard the health and maturity of the grapes, seeking an ideal balance between quality and quantity. Preventive intervention, always in accordance with the principles of organic viticulture, minimises the need for remedial treatment

The grape varieties that we grow to produce our wines are RoditisAssyrtikoKydonitsa for white, and XinomavroLimniona or red. All picking is done by hand from mid-August to late September.

Optimal processing of the grapes and controlled fermentation are made possible in our modern, well-equipped winery, enabling the winemaker to extract the best characteristics of the grape through his expertise and art.

The nose and palate character of our wines is consolidated and enhanced while keeping technical processing to a minimum. Red wines mature first in oak casks, then in bottles in the underground cellar. Our varietal blends complement the enjoyment of a fine meal.

The combination of the region of Pella and the Ligas Estate is your assurance of a quality wine, the perfect accompaniment to your moments of pleasure.”

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