About Us

If you've managed to find this website, you probably already know a bit about us.  And more importantly, you know, or want to know, our wines.  Zev Rovine, Erin Sylvester, and Laurent Bonnois (Maximillien Selections), have worked together in New York for the past few years.  Zev lured Erin over to the wholesale side of wine after she had been working in top NYC restaurants for a decade (Blanca, Blue Hill, Blue Hill at Stone Barns).  When Erin's native state of California beckoned her home, we decided to continue this dream team by expanding our operations to the west coast.  So, Zev Rovine Selections begat Sylvester/Rovine Selections and the rest and best is yet to come.  
We feel incredibly lucky to work closely with such talented and principled winemakers.  We hope that you feel the same when you drink their wines.  Santé!